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The History of Propeller Dynamics Pty Ltd.

Propeller Dynamics Pty Ltd. has been associated with propeller manufacturing and repair for over 34 years. For the last 25 years we specialized in the design and manufacture of electronic propeller inspection equipment.

In 1979 we introduced the worlds first electronic propeller inspection system for measuring the pitch of a propeller called Prop Scan. The Prop Scan COMBI measured propellers up to 20-inch diameter and displayed the pitch of a propeller on a digital display. The introduction of the Prop Scan Combi to the market was applauded by those with propeller problems and dismissed as a gimmick by those who made the propellers.

The next development was a Prop Scan to measure propellers up to 40 inch diameter designated PRM40. This unit differed from the Combi (the propeller rotated) in that the Prop Scan PRM40 rotated over the propeller.

With our accounting and stock control running on the new personal computers, in 1983 we took on a new challenge to see if we could get the computer to do all heavy calculations and produce graphical reports. We also continued development of our Measuring Assemblies to handle larger propellers. The RB60 and RB120 (60 and 120 inches) satisfied the operators of patrol boats, tugs and other commercial vessels.

In 1985 our computerized Prop Scan was on the market. It measured, processed and displayed propeller information on printed reports. This quantity of information and accuracy of the reports were never before available to the propeller technician. '79 started the electronic revolution in propellers, '85 took the propeller revolution to dizzy heights.

Those that made or repaired good propellers were happy to see their propellers get the Prop Scan ‘quality tick'. Those who made low grade propellers tried to discredit the Prop Scan to protect their substandard propellers. Today this is still happening.

The Australian Navy was having the ‘normal' propeller problems with inconsistency in performance and one of our Prop Scan shops performed emergency repairs to a Navy patrol boat propeller. The Navy inspectors got involved, and then the Navy propeller branch got involved. (more - Navy)

The Navy interest caused an intense research & development phase that produced more powerful software and many different size measuring assemblies to measure large and sophisticated types of propellers.

Eventually in 1995 the first Prop Scan shop opened in Maryland USA. Larry and Allison Carlson started Black Dog Propellers. Larry said, “Prop Scan looks good but I don't know anything about propellers. Can you teach me?” From this grew the world renowned Prop Scan Business Opportunity Program that enabled non-propeller people to start up a professional propeller repair business. We supplied the Prop Scan equipment, the knowledge and training that is needed to operate a successful propeller repair business. Today Larry has a propeller shop called WildCat Propellers in Chesapeake Virginia. WildCat Propellers repairs and reworks pleasure, commercial and Navy propellers. (Larry's story)

We have supplied equipment, trained and supported people who were interested in propellers and wanted to establish successful propeller repair businesses worldwide with the primary focus aimed at medium to large inboard propeller repairs.

Many times we have been asked for a less expensive portable unit that included the ‘specialist technology'.

We are happy to announce our design team has achieved this with the launch of the new Prop Tracker Measuring Assembly that has been combined with the new Prop Scan Evolution 3 Reporting System and the Prop Tracker Technical Package.
(Prop Tracker design team Target Specifications).

The Prop Tracker makes full use of the latest portable or PC computers, using the USB connection and the Windows XP operating system.

To all those who would like their boat to go better, those who want to check there customers propellers, those who would like to dabble a little in the propeller business and those who want to go the full way and establish a ‘full on' propeller shop, big or small, we at Propeller Dynamics have all the experience, product and know-how to get you where you want to go.

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