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Prop Tracker is the latest evolution in electronic measuring of marine propellers. Prop Tracker produces precise digital data that is transmitted to the computer for calculation, assessment and reporting by the Prop Scan Reporting System software.

Prop Tracker is the world's first portable precision propeller inspection device that simply plugs into a computer.  The propeller is measured in 2 to 3 minutes, and sophisticated graphical propeller condition reports are produced to an accuracy and repeatability in excess of industry, National, Navy and ISO 484 International Standards.

Prop Tracker transmits precision digital data directly to the USB port of your PC or Laptop computer.  No special interfaces, no power supplies, no special cables.  Just plug it in and start measuring.


  • Measures propellers up to 22 inches in diameter
  • Universal Plug and Play
  • Accurate and durable
  • User friendly
  • Portable

Suitable For:

  • Inboard propellers
  • Outboard propellers
  • Outdrive propellers
  • With up to 7 Blades


The Prop Tracker Measuring Assembly is precision CNC machined from solid high-grade aluminum billet, resulting in a high quality device that is rigid, lightweight and portable.

The propeller to be measured is mounted on a Prop Tracker tapered measuring arbor that replicates the mounting of the propeller to the shaft on the boat.  The arbor is then 'clicked into place' and held firmly between precision axis centers. The propeller is now ready to measure with the propeller firmly positioned on its true rotating axis.

The Prop Tracker incorporates digital data transducers designed, manufactured and calibrated in-house specifically for the task of propeller inspection. Calibration software is provided to satisfy classification societies along with a calibration reference gauge.

In addition to certification, Prop Tracker has a very important feature that reports the repeatability of the total inspection system.  This test can be conducted on any propeller at any time by the operator and produces a Repeatability Test report.  This test proves the consistency and repeatability of Prop Tracker measurements and reports.

Years of research and design have produced a very versatile, accurate and repeatable measuring assembly product that is technically ahead of it's time but still remains a friendly, easy to use device, that is an essential tool to a marine technician who has the task of servicing boats, engines and propellers.

Modern boats and electronic engines demand this technology.



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