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    Prop Tracker Propeller Repair Shop Package

The measuring assembly and reporting software come complete with a full range of documentation, manuals and tutorials.

Setup and Operation Manual 

 A complete guide to assembling and setting up your measuring assembly.

Introduction Tutorial

The introduction tutorial takes you through the basic reporting system features and standard propeller measurement.

Software Installation 

A complete guide for installing the Prop Scan software on a desktop or notebook computer.

Measuring Manual                                                                                    

The measuring manual is a complete guide to the Prop Scan measuring system, including basic to advanced propeller measuring techniques.

Menu Manual

The menu manual contains the keystrokes and descriptions of the Prop Scan software.

Prop Scan Operational Scripts
The Prop Scan operational scripts are tutorials of the advanced functions of the Prop Scan software, for example creating and modifying designs

ISO/EPS & Quality Certificate Manual
Understanding ISO and EPS as well as the quality certificate and condition report levels.

Rules of Thumb

A complete set of rules of thumb for the propeller industry.

Propeller Repair Basics

A step by step guide to the basics of propeller repair.

Off Axis Error
Our research has shown that errors found during propeller inspection are not all contributable to the propeller such as off axis errors. This documentation will provide you with the ability to detect and correct off axis errors.

Shop Forms 
Procedures and forms for the tracking of a job from the initial receipt of the propeller through to the completed repair.



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