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Propeller Problems and Solutions

The prop is vibrating - Is the prop bent?

Prop Tracker can detect inaccuracies in pitch, camber and blade elevations that are undetectable by the naked eye. These inaccuracies can cause your prop to vibrate.

If your propeller has any inaccuracies you will be able to tell instantly once it has been measured and the Prop Scan software can guide you through the process of correcting the bent propeller which in most cases will solve your vibration problem.

You ordered a 25 x 23 x 3 blade propeller – Is the one you received the correct size?

Prop Tracker can tell you the exact pitch of a propeller and can also tell you if the 19" pitch propeller you purchased has been re-pitched from 18 " or 20" pitch.

Prop worked well once, now I am getting bad performance – What's happened?

By combining your current sea trial data (boat speed, engine rpm, fuel consumption) and the current propeller measurement done on Prop Tracker you can assess and determine the best course of action to get your boats performance good again.

What size prop should be on this boat?

By inputing the known details of a boat into the Prop Tools software you can determine the size of propeller that will suit that particular vessel.

What quality of prop do I have?

It is impossible to tell the quality of propeller you have with your naked eye, Prop Tracker and the Prop Scan software can give you an accurate report of the quality of the propeller by determining its ISO 484 class and rate it accordingly.

The Prop Scan software also gives you the ability to zoom in on each measured section of the propeller blade to further determine accuracies or inaccuracies in the propeller.

I am getting different RPM from my engines – Is it the propellers or could it be something else?

If it's your propellers then Prop Tracker and Prop Scan software will tell you and give you solutions to fix the problem.

Are the new set of props the same as the last set?

You can measure both propellers and compare them side by side to determine if they are the same. You can even save the propeller measurement on the computer which can be accessed years later for future reference or for applying the design to other propellers

What do I change the pitch to if I have black smoke and my RPM's are down?

By imputing the known boat details and sea trial data into the Prop Tools software you can determine the pitch that the propeller needs to be to stop black smoke and get the correct engine RPM.

Can I improve the performance of my propellers?

Yes, The Prop Scan software can accurately determine the propeller size and pitch that is needed to improve your boats performance, Prop Tracker also allows you to re-pitch and modify the design of a propeller and add sophisticated features like camber and cupping to improve the performance of your propeller's.


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