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Prop Tracker Products

The Prop Tracker Measuring Assembly and the Prop Scan Measuring and Reporting System Software are included in the Propeller Repair Package.

Prop Tracker is a computerized measuring assembly that when combined with the Prop Scan software, enables propellers of any type to be re-manufactured to the highest possible accuracy levels.

The Prop Scan Software determines inaccuracies in propeller pitch, camber and blade shape that are undetectable to the naked eye, thus giving the propeller technician the power to remove these inconsistencies, increasing the performance and comfort of a vessel.

Prop Tracker Measuring Assembly - Hardware

Prop Tracker is the world's first portable precision propeller inspection device that simply plugs into a computer. The propeller is measured in 2 to 3 minutes, and sophisticated graphical propeller condition reports are produced to an accuracy and repeatability in excess of industry, National, Navy and ISO 484 International Standards.

Prop Tracker is supplied fully assembled with no setup required.


The propeller is mounted onto the Measuring Mandrel, which is centered in the propeller bore and secured with a locking nut.

The mandrel with the propeller secured is then placed into the Measuring assembly.

The propeller is now ready for measuring.

The Prop Tracker Measuring Assemble can measure propellers from 2" to 22" on diameter.

The probe is set at the measurement radii.

As the Prop Tracker probe runs over the propeller blade, sensors collect data, sending it to the computer.

The computer runs the Prop Scan Reporting System, which processes the information and displays propeller inaccuracies.

Prop Tracker is so precise it can measure propeller pitch to within ±0.004".

Prop Scan Reporting System - Software

The Prop Scan Measuring and Reporting System is a very powerful package that has been designed to collect measurement data from the Prop Tracker Measuring Assembly, process the data, and present reports on the condition of the pressure face of the measured propeller.  These reports conform to the ISO 484 International Standards and Prop Scan EPS Standards.

The Prop Scan Measuring & Reporting System is a complex, powerful and mature software package that has been designed to inspect recreational boat propellers as well as complex Navy propellers.

The two main reporting features of Prop Scan are the line and bar graphs which display the state of the measured propeller.

Line Graphs

The Line Graph displays, for each measured section:

  • A Line Graph plotting each degree the pressure face
  • The mean pitch of each blade
  • The mean pitch of the section
  • The blade angle from leading edge to trailing edge

When design is selected

  • The section design pitch.
  • A Line Graph plotting the design of the pressure face
  • A tolerance band indicating the design limits of the section

The Line Graph report displays the pressure face of the propeller section from leading edge to trailing edge. The green line (blade 1) shows the irregularities of the blade face at .7 radius. The blue line represents blade two, the red line blade three and the pink line blade number 4.

The Interactive Line Graph on the right displays the above features and more, click the graph to view the features.

Bar Graphs

The Bar Graph displays in graphical form:
  • The pitch of each blade
  • The mean pitch of each section
  • The allowable tolerance of each section
  • The pass rating
  • The mean pitch of each blade
  • The allowable tolerance of each blade
  • The mean pitch of the propeller
  • The allowable tolerance of the propeller

Blade one is shown as green, blade two blue, and three red. The design mean is shown as a pink line. The yellow doted line indicates the allowable tolerance for ISO 484 Class 1.

The Interactive Bar Graph on the right displays the above features and more, click the graph to view the features.

Prop Scan is constantly evolving with new features being added, along with the refining of existing features. Also the computers operating system has gone through a similar evolution.

Prop Scan has thousands of features.  To get to understand how Prop Scan can work for your business you must treat the process of learning as a crawl, walk, run exercise.  Prop Scan is in its fourth evolution and each evolution has had up to 35 versions.  Feature requests from the hundreds of users working with precision propellers, commercial propellers, final inspection on Navy propellers or creating new propeller designs have been included in Prop Scan.

The Benefits of a Prop Tracker Tuned Propeller

Cavitation Reduction

Cavitation is caused by water vaporizing due to pressure reduction on the propeller blades. This can be caused by mechanical damage such as bent or impacted blades, wrongly matched power to propeller type or incorrect propeller design. This distortion of the flow pattern can significantly reduce power and efficiency and cause erosion of the rotating propeller blades.
A Prop Tracker tuned propeller reduces the level of propeller cavitation which results in improved efficiency and extended propeller life.

Eliminate Propeller Induced Vibration

  • Vibration is annoying
  • Vibration absorbs power
  • Vibration increases engine wear
  • Vibration can cause blade failure
  • Vibration slowly destroys your boat

Inaccuracies in marine propellers, such as variations in pitch and camber, cause your propeller to vibrate. With the use of Prop Tracker these inaccuracies are removed. Prop Tracker detects even the most minor variations (it measures down to 0.004"). Using Prop Tracker technology, propeller induced vibrations are eliminated, making your vessel smooth, quiet and economical.

Consume Less Fuel

Prop Tracker enhanced boat propellers are accurate and efficient. Vessels with Prop Tracker enhanced propellers consume less fuel, saving money and increasing a vessels range. On average, a vessel with a ISO Class S propeller uses between 10 - 15% less fuel than a ISO Class III propeller.

Average Fuel Savings
Prop Scan EPS Class
ISO 484 Class
ISO 484 Class
ISO 484 Class
ISO 484 Class

ISO Compliance

The ISO 484/2 standards and Prop Scan EPS (Enhanced Propeller Standard) make propeller measurements reliable and comparable.

Higher Speed

  • Increased top speed
  • Increased cruising speed
  • Increased power

By precisely optimizing a propeller, a vessels performance can be increased. After the Prop Scan propeller optimization process, many customers have found their top speed has increased by 2 - 3 knots. Some customers have even experienced increases of 5 - 6 knots!


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